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Neighbors Air Concerns Over Pot Growers

BEND, OR -- The first of two public hearings on proposed regulations for businesses that sell, grow and process marijuana in unincorporated Deschutes County, took place Thursday. The Planning Commission is trying to adopt what the state calls “reasonable” regulations for marijuana-related businesses. But that isn’t sitting well with some neighbors of growing operations.

KBND News was at the Thursday evening meeting and heard comments like, “The sites and sounds and smells just extend much farther than a hundred feet;" "Horrible smells. Intolerable noise and lighting that looks like Manhattan;" "Taking a deliberate and considered approach and allow this marijuana gold rush frenzy to just cool down and let things get sorted out.”
There were some supporters of the proposed regulations. One grower told the Planning Commission, “There is no smell from my indoor building." Another supporter said, "I would strongly urge the county to adopt regulations that are in line and communicate well with the adopted OLCC regulations.”
The issue brought passionate comments from one neighbor in Alfalfa, who said he was threatened on the telephone, and declared at last night’s meeting, ”We’re armed out there.”
A second public hearing is scheduled for next Thursday. The planning commission will then send its recommendations to County Commissioners.

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