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Redmond Considers Improved Med. District

REDMOND, OR -- The city of Redmond hopes plans to spruce up the medical district around St. Charles Medical Center, near NW Canal and Kingwood, will lead to more economic growth. Redmond's Urban Renewal District agency board will vote Tuesday on a $1.8 million beautification project. 


Chuck Arnold, head of Redmond's Economic Development and Urban Renewal Department says it would be money well spent. "This district has the potential to add a new dimension to the economic life of the city. It works to promote professional job development, increase tax base and improve quality of life under a match-plan effort. This is up where St. Charles is, as a main anchor tenant to this area." He adds, "In order to set the table for further private investment, as the public sector, we're investing in creating a sense of place through streetscape improvements, signage and improving gateway access to the district."


The idea has been under development for a while. "There are plans that have been vetted through a multi-year and many-meeting process between the community and property owners and the city of doing streetscape improvements, improve sidewalks, street trees, benches, there's even a planned park, connectivity for walking and biking through the area, as well as monument signage so you really understand that you've entered into a special place," Arnold tells KBND News. "This is really the way Urban Renewal is supposed to work, really setting the table for these partnerships to leverage money, public hours to really encourage private development; and the process that has gone on to this point has been exactly the way it should go. The public and stakeholders that own property in the area and the tenants have all been involved thoroughly in this conversation."


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