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BEND, OR -- A few weeks behind schedule, Bend’s new ice rink will open before the holidays, and that’s none too soon for curlers, hockey players and ice skating enthusiasts.


Matt Mercer of Bend Parks and Recreation tells KBND News work on The Pavilion is going well, but they are experiencing typical construction delays. "We always knew that our date was a target date and if everything went perfect we could open a little bit earlier and it could be substantially later if things didn't go well. Fortunately things are going reasonably well and we’re able to stay close to our anticipated schedule." Mercer expects the facility to be open for drop-in skating by the week of December 19. Winter ice programs will begin the first week of January.


Aside from ice activities, The Pavilion will also feature something new to a Bend parks and Rec facility: beer. "It is something that is fairly common in a lot of the ice sports culture; something we’re still considering and kind of proceeding cautiously on. And if we do something this year, it will be done through a contractor and done on an experimental basis to see if there are any issues that arise out of it," Mercer says curlers and hockey players asked the district to consider offering beer. It will be served only during adult ice sports events.

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