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Hundreds to Receive Water Notice

BEND, OR -- Hundreds of utility customers will receive automated messages this week, warning they could have a water leak. Bend City Manager Eric King tells KBND, "If your usage appears to be constant – There are typical peaks in the day of that water use – so, if that account shows just constant flow, most likely a leak is occurring. We’ll be notifying over 500 customers over the next few days to let them know about this leak."


The city changed how it bills water customers this summer, charging for actual usage instead of a flat fee. With those changes, any leaks could result in a higher bill. King says the automated messages are the next step in updating the overall system. "It’s a measure to be more proactive, and really to get folks more attuned to their water use. It was not until 2004 that the city was fully metered. Prior to that, you just purchased however much water you wanted. So, we’re really taking a more conservation-based approach to water use in the city." He says customers will eventually be able to track their own usage online. 

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