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Saving Grace Begins Collecting Family Donations

BEND, OR -- Saving Grace begins collecting donations Tuesday for its annual holiday "Adopt A Family" program. Lauren DuBose tells KBND News they are trying to help more than 20 families who have escaped domestic violence. "We have advocates that are working with the families, they kind of come up with a wish list - Everything from household items that Mom might want, to clothing for the kids. We also really love giving experiences – a trip to the movies or Juniper Swim and Fitness; things that these families might not otherwise be able to do together."


She says each wish list represents the needs of multiple families. "With everything that we do, safety is our top priority so we make sure to keep the list generic. So, ‘family #2’ might really encompass two or three families that we’re working with and we’re able to kind of disguise it enough to where we feel they are still safe but still able to take in some of those great donations that are really going to make their holiday special."
DuBose adds, "We probably have about 50 families that we’re working with this time of year through our various services. That’s not only the shelter, but we’re working with so many other families through different services including counseling, our Mary’s Place supervised visitation and exchange center, people are coming for our support groups or they’ve received legal help from us and they’re staying in touch for counseling and other services."
Saving Grace will collect donations of unwrapped gifts through December 18. Click HERE for the complete Adopt A Family wish list. To hear our full conversation with Lauren DuBose of Saving Grace, visit our Podcast Page

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