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Hundreds Come Out in Bend to Ask OLCC How to Get Licensed to Sell Recreational Marijuana

BEND, OR -- The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is traveling the state informing people what they have to do to get licensed to sell recreational marijuana next year.


They were in Bend Thursday to hold their first workshop.


More than 300 people showed up at the Riverhosue Convention Center for the presentation and to ask questions.


Steven Marks is the Director of the OLCC.


"We've done our rules, the OLCC temporary rules and that's going to guide our application process.  So we're out explaining the application process trying to clear expectations on what they have to do to comply, how to be a licensee and have a safe, compliant recreational system.  We want them to understand from the get go."


The OLCC will begin accepting online applications for the recreational marijuana license program on January 4th.


"A lot of good people are working to deal with these  first time, difficult policy questions.  This is not an easy job and there are going to be struggles at the local government and state levels.  But we're really trying to give Oregonians a safe system for customers of that system."


Marks say recreational dispensaries won't open until after October first.

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