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Training Available for Nervous Winter Drivers

BEND, OR -- With more snow predicted for the region, driving conditions will likely get sketchy - again. Deschutes County Public Works Director Chris Doty says skid car training can provide real world winter-driving experience, without the danger. "It’s a great opportunity for new drivers and new people to the area who maybe haven’t had the experience in dealing with snow and ice, or if you’ve been here for a long time and you lack the confidence, this is a great opportunity to gain some of that confidence and be a safe driver out in the system."


The one-day class involves one-hour of classroom time, followed by three-hours behind the wheel of a skid car. "It’s a standard street-legal car that’s mounted with outriggers and hydraulics that allows the instructor to basically take some of the weight off some of the front tires and back tires to simulate these conditions. You get real world experience in this contained environment, and you’re not going to hurt anybody or anything," Doty tells KBND News. Drivers learn things like proper acceleration, steering and braking techniques, skid and slide prevention and recovery. 


Legal drivers, 15 and older are eligible to participate in the program, which is offered daily by appointment. Doty says certificates for the skid car training make a great gift.
To listen to our full conversation with Chris Doty, visit our Podcast Page.

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