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Millennials and the Slacker Myth

BEND, OR -- Millennials are slackers addicted to their smart phones, live in their parents' basement and don't work. Those myths were addressed by millennials at the City Club of Central Oregon, Thursday night.


Millennials were born between 1980 and 1996. Three local millennials poked some holes in the myths about their generation. Damon Runberg is a 28-year-old economist at the Oregon Employment Department. He says his generation of workers are looking for jobs. "Millennials today entered the workforce at a time when there were just no opportunities. And so a lot of them decided to enter college. And, as doing such, they're not in the labor force. So, one of the myths we see about millennials is that labor force participation has dropped for this generation. But really, if you're in a college institution, you're not in the labor force."


Runberg says college students living in a dorm are counted as living with their parents, so statistics showing more millennials living at home are skewed. "And so, as we see college enrollment go up, the notion that they're living more with their parents might be a false narrative."

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