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Madras Couple Accused of Murder by Abuse

MADRAS, OR -- A Madras couple was arraigned Tuesday on murder charges, in connection with the death of a one-year old baby girl. A Jefferson County Grand Jury indicted 25-year-old Raine Austria and 20-year-old Garry Lee Vineyard, December 18, on a number of charges including Murder by Abuse, Manslaughter in the Second Decree and Criminally Negligent Homicide. 


Investigators say Katerina Austria died on or about March 30, 2015, just a week after her first birthday.


Following Tuesday's arraignment, District Attorney Steven Leriche released a statement, saying a lengthy multi-agency investigation was conducted after the baby's death, in consultation with the KIDS Center in Bend.


Austria and Vineyard were arrested Monday, and are being held on a million dollars bail. They're due back in court in February.

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