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BEND, OR -- After several years of discussions between the Bend FC Timbers and the Bend Parks and Recreation District, rumors of delays have swirled around fundraising for new soccer fields. Rod Buzzas is chairman of the field campaign for the Timbers, and says the club was initially unaware of what was necessary. "Well, somewhat naively, I think we had anticipated that once we signed the agreement with Park and Rec, that we would be able to raise our $3 million in a year and build the fields in another year. So, getting our feet on the ground and getting things going took a longer period than anticipated, but we’re full steam ahead, now." He tells KBND News, "For this project to take off, and to even begin the fundraising, we had to have architectural plans and a variety of other steps in place before we could take off. We got a late start, so to speak, but by no means has the fundraising been delayed or gone flat."


Bend FC Timbers is leasing land just north of Pine Nursery from Parks and Rec, to eventually build four multi-purpose turf fields. "We really, officially started our fundraising campaign around the first of September. We initially had engaged with Park and Rec many years ago, although officially and formally a little over a year ago; but we realized after we put together our time constraints around that, that there was a lot of groundwork that needed to be set," says Buzzas. 


Buzzas says they’ve already raised about a half million dollars. They need $1.7 million to start phase-one of construction and he expects that’s about two years away. Eventually, he says they'll build four turf fields, along with a clubhouse and other facilities, that could be used for soccer, lacrosse and other sports.
To hear our full conversation with Rod Buzzas about the field complex project, and the growth of the Bend FC Timbers, visit our Podcast Page

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