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Gun Talk Host Reacts to Obama Action

BEND, OR -- The President used an Executive Order to increase gun control, because such legislation couldn't get through Congress. President Obama expanded background checks and says new rules will make them more efficient. 


Tom Gresham, host of the weekly radio program Gun Talk, reacted to the action. "It's interesting that he made a lot of noise and didn't do very much. Unfortunately, a lot of the media seems to be confused - they're reporting that he's going to require gun dealers to have licenses. Well, that's been required since 1968; absolutely nothing gets changed. So, it's a lot of grand-standing and theater."


"He's just trying to make good on political promises. And then, when he found out he could not come through on those promises, he pretends to have done something. I mean, he keeps talking about the gun show loophole, which doesn't exist. Everybody should understand that all the laws outside a gun show are exactly the same as inside a gun show; there's no difference, whatsoever. So, anyone who is required to do a background check outside the show, is required to do one inside."


Tom Gresham's Gun Talk can be heard weekly on KBND, Sunday evenings 6 to 7 p.m.

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