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Congressman Walden Opposes Min Wage Hike

BEND, OR -- Oregon Congressman Greg Walden (R-Hood River) thinks the proposed minimum wage in Oregon goes too far.


Appearing before a Civics Class at Bend Senior High on Tuesday, the Republican was asked by a student how he feels about the proposed increase. Walden says although it is a popular move, it could have negative consequences. “What happened then is it’s not just that wage. What people don't understand is that there are taxes that are pushed against that. There’s unemployment taxes. There’s social security and Medicare. All of those costs go up too. Ultimately then prices have to go up to pay for that.”


He added, “Practically speaking employers than have to decide, 'how do I pay for that? Do I have a smaller workforce, do I automate, or just go out of business?'” 


Governor Kate Brown has proposed increasing the minimum wage to $15.52 an hour in the Portland area and $13.52 elsewhere in the state.

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