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BEND, OR -- Bend City Councilors heard The message loud and clear at Wednesday evening’s Troy Field public hearing: keep the property as open green space. It's zoned commercial, but also has a Public Facilities designation. The Bend-La Pine School district is asking that tag be dropped so it can sell Troy Field to a Portland hotel developer.


District representatives presented their case, "Retaining Troy Field is not in the best interest of our students and is no longer regularly used by the school district and we simply do not have the luxury to keep it given all the pressing needs elsewhere." Brownstone Development has agreed to purchase the property from the district for $1.9 million.
And then, the parade of opposition began. One attendee said, "The funds to be gained from the sale of Troy Field to a private development interest would indeed be a drop in the bucket relative to a $100 million bond." Children spoke up saying, "Troy Field gives us a place to practice football, baseball and soccer." And, "We play football there, so please do not take this park away; please." Others said, "We don’t have a need for another downtown hotel. We have a need for open space." And, "The public is letting you know loud and clear that we’re not very excited about having Troy Field change."
Councilor Barb Campbell recused herself from participating in the issue following a request from the school district, citing her previous opposition to the sale of the property. Written testimony will be accepted until Monday, February 29. The school district has an additional five days for rebuttal. Councilors will then hold a formal deliberation March 7. 

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