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Despite ID Law, OR Roadkill is Not Legal Game

BEND, OR -- Idaho’s nearly 4-year-old law allowing people to salvage deer killed on highways is surprisingly popular. But in Oregon the practice remains against the law. 


Drivers in Idaho can take as little or as much as they wish of the animal - like only the antlers or a section of meat. But Michelle Dennehy with the state Fish and Wildlife Department says don't try it here. “If you hit for example a deer or an elk, you cannot keep it. There’s a couple of reasons for that. The first is the meat can really spoil and be unsafe.”
She tells KBND News, “Secondly, the law is in place to discourage poachers; to discourage people from purposely hitting a game animal so they can keep the meat or the antlers.”
Violators of Oregon's road kill salvage law face citations and possible misdemeanor charges from state police. If you come upon a deer or elk killed on the roadway, call OSP to remove it.

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