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BEND, OR -- The city of Bend and its insurance company, CIS, have provided closure for some residents impacted by a June water main break. Scott Jennrich and his wife were left with one of the biggest repair bills. He tells KBND News he received a check for a little over $39,000 from CIS, earlier this month. "Up until actually hearing from CIS and the city that they were going to reimburse us for those costs, it was very stressful, as you can probably imagine. We’ve already paid a good portion of that $39,000 out of our pocket to do repairs that needed to be done, either before winter or immediately."


Jennrich says the reimbursement is a kind of loan, with an agreement to pay back the city with anything he receives from his homeowners insurance. "That stress is lifted; there are still numerous repairs we have to do so we’re looking forward to getting those done. And, from my perspective on how the city handled it, I’m still a little bit disgruntled. I think it could’ve went a lot differently; it wasn’t very transparent," says Jennrich. "Probably most people, if they put themselves in my shoes, they would realize that 9 months is kind of a long time to not know what’s going on. But, we obviously are relieved that we’re going to be reimbursed for the majority of the damages, and for that we are very grateful."


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His next door neighbors' home suffered the most damage. They submitted their repair estimate to city officials in January. They tell KBND News they are optimistic the city will come through with their reimbursement soon; but if not, they are prepared to take legal action.
That water main break occurred under NE 8th St. in June. City officials have said there was no indication the pipe was failing.  

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