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BEND, OR -- Some believe "tiny houses" could be a fix for Bend's affordable housing problem. These small homes are usually built on trailers and are 200 to 300-square feet in size.

Brian Jennings, with The Source Weekly, spoke with Hayley Murphy about building a tiny house in Bend. "It really interested us in the fact that we would be paying ourselves to live somewhere and investing in a house that we could take somewhere else when we want to move to a new location." She says they had a professional crew put on the roof and bought a trailer, but they're doing the rest of the work.


Jesse Russell is the owner of Tongue and Groove, a tiny home builder. He tells Jennings, "There's no code that says that tiny homes can't be in the city limits. What we'd like to do is get the conversation going and have the city understand that yes, this does fill a niche; no, not everybody is going to go out and buy a tiny home. But, they do fit in neighborhoods, they're low impact, they solve part of the housing crisis - student housing, mother-in-law housing, retirees, people trying to downsize." He adds, "There are plenty of neighborhoods that have homeowners associations and rules that don't allow for it; we understand that, they're not going to fit everywhere. However, every little bit helps with every person out there that's trying to be part of the community and they need a place to live. 

City officials are less thrilled with the idea of tiny houses because they are often on trailers and not connected to a sanitation system. They consider them more like RVs. Click HERE to listen to the full Podcast. 


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