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Oregon Primary Could Impact Presidential Race

BEND, OR -- Former State Representative Jason Conger is closely watching the political climate as we get closer to Oregon’s May primary. The Bend Republican says the controversial figures currently leading the race to the White House could impact our state elections. "I do think that the top of the ticket matters, especially in terms of turnout."


Traditionally, nominees are clear by the time Oregon’s primary comes around. But, Conger tells KBND News this year is different. "We’re definitely trailing the herd, so to speak, in terms of timing of primaries. And, in terms of Presidential race, usually the nominee would be decided by now, or if not by now, before we get to Oregon. But that might not be the case this time." He says it’s possible the fight, especially for the GOP nomination, could go all the way to the convention in August.
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Conger says the contentious battle has divided the GOP, turning some off from voting altogether. "A lot of people who are pretty die-hard Republicans have told me if Donald Trump is the nominee they won’t vote for him. In fact, a few, and I’m not going to name names, have said that they would even consider voting for Hillary Clinton. Which is, for the people who are saying this, is pretty remarkable." He adds, "The truth is, there’s so much misinformation, I think as a voter, for my own personal view, it’s becoming more and more difficult to make an informed choice about who is the lesser of two evils?" He says some voters may choose to not vote for President, but he’s hopeful they will still help decide important statewide races up for grabs this year – including Governor, Secretary of State and Treasurer.
Oregon’s primary is May 17. 


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