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BEND, OR -- As the field of Presidential candidates narrows, the race for Oregon Governor remains broad. Six weeks ahead of the state's primary, two Independents, five Republicans and six Democrats - including current governor Kate Brown - are vying for their parties' nominations.


Bend State Representative Knute Buehler is endorsing Republican Allen Alley; a man he says he’s known for a number of years. "He’s a thoughtful, very capable person, and I think Oregon needs a change. After 30 years of Democrats having the Governor’s mansion, we absolutely have to turn this around," Buehler tells KBND News. 


In a statement released this week, Alley says he has received endorsements from eight other State Representatives, as well. He is running against Bob Forthan, Bob Niemeyer, Bruce Cuff and Bud Pierce in the May primary. Patrick Barney and Cliff Thomason will both appear on the Independent Party primary ballot for Governor. For the Democrats, Dave Stauffer, Kevin Forsythe, Chet Chance, Steve Johnson and Julian Bell are all running against Governor Brown. 


Buehler says, "Our system works best with balance. We’ve been out of balance in our political system for a long time. Having a thoughtful, capable Governor like Allen Alley, I think is where we need to be."  But, he's much less confident about his choice for a GOP Presidential nominee. What he's sure of - he won’t support Donald Trump. Buehler says Trump raises important issues, including border security and campaign finance reform; however, "I think he identifies these problems, but he doesn’t have viable solutions. I want to see solutions and I want to see people who solve our problems. People, I think, are disgusted, irritated and their patience has worn thin with the problems in this country not being adequately solved. And, I don’t see him as the person who can do it." Buehler had supported Marco Rubio, prior to his departure from the race. 


Photo: Allen Alley Facebook page

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