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BEND, OR -- A local nonprofit working with victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault hopes to provide permanent housing for its clients. Survivors of family violence often face a housing dilemma: If they can’t find a place locally, and don’t want to move out of the area, they sometimes return home, where they were attacked, rather than face homelessness.


Saving Grace Executive Director Janet Huerta wants to create a village of cottages survivors can rent and get a new, safe start. “These are permanent small cottages between 250-to-450-square feet. We’re really looking to build anywhere from 20 to 30 units in a village model, so that it’s not going to look like a typical subdivision.” The cottages would have a bathroom and a kitchen. The village would have a community center.
Huerta tells KBND News, “We’ve got some great development budget plans and operating plans. We’ve got some really great expertise of people who are providing the technical assistance to us. The thing that’s holding us back right now is having the land. ” She says they need a donation of at least 1.5-acres, but would prefer 2.5 acres. Once the land is secured, Huerta says survivors of family violence or sexual assault could start a new life within a year and a half.

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