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SISTERS, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of calls in the past week, regarding a man filming citizens. He posts his videos on YouTube under the handle "FedSmoker." Some videos are profanity laden, and others show recent interactions with deputies at the Sisters substation. "I’m here to do a business. I want to do business out here, brother. You guys cannot push me out of this town, and it’s the wrong guy to push, is all I’ll say, sir. I want you clean to tell you that." In another video he tells a deputy, "Your city needs to realize, you understand that records and cameras are legal in this state, right sir? My car’s get ‘em all over the place."


His real name is Conald Peterson, and Lt. Chad Davis says he’s right – his videos aren’t illegal. "He’s been in and around Sisters doing that with people’s knowledge and without people’s knowledge. But there is no statutes or anything preventing him from doing that." He tells KBND News, "Most of the calls have been regarding concerns for people’s safety. And, folks are doing exactly what we ask them to do – to call in when things don’t look right or look suspicious. So, we encourage them to keep doing so, to call in when they see any suspicious activity or activity that they believe is criminal in nature or possibly where the public is in danger." But, so far, he says, "Most of our contacts with him have been congenial. And, he’s been compliant with requests; he has been trespassed from a few businesses." 
Peterson is a transient who appears to have arrived in Sisters within the past week. Lt. Davis says he's had run-ins with law enforcement during past visits, but doesn't appear to have a criminal record. 


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