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REDMOND, OR -- A number of Redmond residents, including the Mayor, have received anonymous letters from someone claiming to self-enforce perceived violations of city ordinances and homeowners association rules. Mayor George Endicott tells KBND, "There is an individual that has sent letters, in fact I got one, that says people are out of compliance with the CC&Rs and so forth; it lists a bunch of incorrect information. It basically says the police will come around, which is untrue; our community resource officer will come around, which is untrue. If you get a letter, ignore it, throw it in the trash."


In a letter to Redmond Police, the anonymous person says they will enforce things like parking a vehicle or boat on the street or in a driveway, garbage cans visible from the street, or blocking a neighbor’s view. While many homeowners associations enforce similar rules,  Redmond PD say the listed infractions are not criminal matters.
Some of the fake tickets ask the violator to pay a fine by donating to certain charities, "And then it says ‘send your donation to’ certain charities. We contacted one of the charities that said ‘we have nothing to do with us, don’t send us any money, we don’t want to be implicated or tied to this,’ because they agree it’s just crazy," says Endicott. 
He adds, "Somebody’s disgruntled, so they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands, which, in fact, could be illegal." Redmond Police say anyone receiving an anonymous citation should disregard it and call them. They point out that Simulating a Legal Process is a class C Felony. So far, citations appear targeted to the Juniper Hills and Majestic Ridge neighborhoods, although others are also involved. 


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