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SISTERS, OR -- Sisters voters will decide Tuesday whether to approve a $10.7 million school bond. The funds would go toward school improvements and renovations, and build a new ball field and tennis courts. 


Resident Jay Wilkins supports the bond. He tells KBND News, "The facilities are in need of that kind of investment, now. I believe the investment is really needed, especially in that head wind of school financing, just in general, schools are facing."


Two years ago, voters rejected a larger $14.5 million dollar bond request. Wilkins believes this time is different. "In general, I would so the majority seem to appreciate the process that got us here. They appreciate the improvements in the ask that we made since the previous bond attempt that was larger and maybe not as clearly defined, in terms of how it would be used. I think, for the most part, people recognize we have to invest in our kids."


For me, personally, I'll never set foot on a tennis court; just not a tennis player. So, I can't say 'gosh, that's the most important investment as a district. we have to have a tennis court.' But, I'm comfortable with process that got us here, and the process that went into prioritizing these particular investments on behalf of the community. And that argument that says when you look at the neighboring districts, the lack of a tennis court or the lack of a baseball field and what it means for the community, I get comfortable with that."


There has been no organized opposition to the measure.


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