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SISTERS, OR -- Sisters officials released the report on the investigation into ex-City Manager Andrew Gorayeb, Monday evening. It offers insight into why City Councilors offered him a six-figure severance package to resign


The report, obtained by KBND News, describes Gorayeb as abrasive, but finds his conduct did not rise to the level of bullying or harassment. The investigator conducted 15 interviews, including with Gorayeb.


According to the report, most employees felt Gorayeb improved productivity at City Hall, but those of whom he was critical found it to be a negative work environment. Several employees described Gorayeb's use of derogatory nicknames for past employees, City Councilors and members of the community. He called them things like "Wicked Witch of the West," Nurse Ratchet" and "Princess."


He was openly critical of some employees' work and criticized others for bad-mouthing him and the city within the community. It appears, if Gorayeb liked someone's performance, that person probably didn't have any issues with him. But if he didn't, City Hall was an intimidating and difficult place to work.


There were also allegations that Gorayeb pressured staff to give his wife, a local real estate agent, special treatment. Some claim he prioritized developments she was working on, allowing permits to be issued in a faster timeframe. The investigator found that, although Gorayeb didn't explicitly tell staff to approve permits quicker, he created an environment that implied such action to staff. 

Gorayeb resigned as Sisters City Manager at the end of April. He denied any wrongdoing, and Councilors agreed to pay him 12-months of salary, including benefits. 

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