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BEND, OR -- Sam Carpenter lost his bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, Tuesday night. The Bend businessman came in second, about 5.5% behind Portland I.T. specialist Mark Callahan. Carpenter tells KBND News, "Mark Callahan has run several times before on various tickets - Republican, Democrat, Green - so, his name recognition is better; that's the only thing I can assume happened, here."


He says the loss is disappointing, but he's moving forward. "Right now, I've got another book to write and a couple of businesses to get back into high gear. We're in good shape here. I employ about 40 people in Bend, and I intend to keep them employed; and add some more, if I can." Carpenter runs Bend-based CentraTel


Two years ago, Carpenter filed to run against Senator Jeff Merkley. But, dropped out to endorse Jason Conger in the Primary. "This is OK. The voters have spoken, and I'm happy about it, if that's the way it goes. I'm perfectly fine with the results, and I wish Mark Callahan the best of luck." He has not ruled out a future run for office. 

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