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MADRAS, OR -- A Bend man says his dog was attacked by a cougar, early Thursday morning, at Haystack Reservoir. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, when the man was camping at the East Shore Forest Service Campground, he went to investigate why his dog was barking at about 3 a.m. and saw the cougar attacking his 90-pound lab.


A deputy searched the area, but did not find the cougar. He did confirm the dog's injuries are consistent with a cougar attack. The dog was taken to East Cascade Vet Clinic in Madras with puncture wounds and abrasions. The injuries, overall, are described as minor and the animal should recover fully.


The Sheriff's Office is working closely with the Forest Service, OSP's Fish and Wildlife Division, The Bureau of Reclamation and Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor cougar activity in the area. Anyone sighting or encountering a cougar is asked to call 911 or non-emergency at 541-475-2201.


If you spot a cougar, don not run. Make noise and appear as large as possible. Raise your arms and open your coat, if you can. Always keep children and pets close when hiking or camping in cougar habitat. 

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