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BEND, OR -- State education spending has been fodder for political campaigns and pundits for years. "Currently, we do not fund them enough to be even average. We rank 39 in the nation in spending on each student, in Oregon; we’re 38th in performance; we have the third most crowded classrooms in the nation," says Robin Wisdom, with the League of Women Voters.


The League of Women Voters and Oregon Center for Public Policy are hosting forums across the state, in an effort to get fresh ideas from the public on how to fix the ongoing school budget crisis. Wisdom tells KBND News, "We’re asking everyone for their thoughts on the subject, their solutions. So, we’re trying to hit the state and ask this question: How can we make our schools better? We think Oregonians have the solutions." She adds, "That's not to say that great things are not happening in our schools today, because they are. There are wonderful teachers that are doing marvelous things, and students and parents, and we want to acknowledge that. We just know that even better stuff could be going on if we had better funding in Oregon for schools."

Tuesday's "Great Schools, Great Communities" forum begins at 5:30 p.m. at the downtown Library. Wisdom says the feedback provided at these events will be compiled and provided to state officials.


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