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GL Solutions CEO Files for City Council Run

BEND, OR -- A Bend businessman announced plans to run for City Council, Wednesday – the first day candidates could officially file. Bill Moseley founded Bend-based GL Solutions in 1998.


He says his first priority is increasing housing options in the city. "The cost and availability of housing really just made it impossible for many of our employees to live in Bend. And, if software engineers can’t live in Bend, it makes you wonder who really can. So, overall I think we need to take steps to reduce the cost of housing in Bend." Moseley adds, "At one point, right after the recession when many people were getting foreclosed on, we actually had a QA Manager who was looking for a place to live and she ended up living in a tent in a friend’s backyard for over a month, because she wasn’t able to find an apartment. The vacancy rate was less than a half of 1%; every time she would apply, there were 40 other people waiting in line and that is just really unacceptable. 

He also wants to focus on transportation and street paving, saying the existing Council’s support of a gas tax is evidence of mismanagement."
He tells KBND News he’d like to see the city focus less on what he calls “pet projects,” and more on important issues like the housing crisis and transportation. "When I look at Council right now, I guess I am discouraged. It seems, too often the Council as a whole is swinging back and forth between growth and anti-growth partisans. When I first moved here, they were trying to stop the Bypass. I just can’t imagine what Bend would be like now, if we didn’t have the Bypass. When I first moved to Bend, it took an hour to drive from downtown to Home Depot; that’s ridiculous." Moseley disagrees with Council’s support of a gas tax and says there is money available now, to fund needed road repairs.
Moseley was a founding member of the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board and is married with four kids. He is the first to announce plans to file for “Position two,” which is currently held by Doug Knight. 


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