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Clean Water Results in Bend-La Pine Schools

BEND, OR -- Bend-La Pine schools received a clean bill of health, following water testing at local facilities. School district officials decided to test the water after high lead levels were discovered in some Portland schools. 


Julianne Repman, with BLP Schools, tells KBND News, "We just received our water sample results. We went out and actually tested all of our facilities - there are 38 in all, including the facilities that we lease. And they all came back to be within the established Oregon Health Authority threshold for lead." She adds, "You want to have less than 20 parts-per-billion of lead in the water. And, what we found at most of our sites was actually 'non-detectable,' those are good readings. That's what you want to see when we have test like this." Water was tested the week of June sixth.


"We're happy with the results that we had, and we will continue to monitor the situation," says Repman. "We'll look to Governor Kate Brown; she says she's going to create a plan for testing of water sources and some of the environmental conditions in schools in Oregon. So, we'll be looking forward to that as we determine what our next steps will be from here."


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