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Troy Field Buyer Backs Out

BEND, OR -- The deadline has come and gone for the developer who wanted to purchase Troy Field from the Bend-La Pine School District. A Portland firm offered to buy the downtown bend green-space for $1.9 million, but the City rejected the request to change the master plan status that would allow the lot to be developed. 


School Board Chair Nori Juba tells KBND News, “Brownstone Development, who is the buyer of record, informed me last week that they would not be going forward with the transaction. So they had until today to pull out of the deal. And I believe that they have done so.” However, he admits the district still needs to sell the lot. “We need to maintain, upgrade and preserve our assets. The school board is still looking at how to do that and obviously selling an asset, a piece of property we don’t have a need for, is obviously a way to get there. I think our first choice is to sell it to somebody that’s going to preserve green open space in this neighborhood.”
Nearby residents vocally opposed the proposed sale and development of Troy Field, which many consider a neighborhood park. Troy Field was the site of a neighborhood party, Wednesday evening. Picnic organizer Ron Boozel tells KBND News, “Can we have just one piece of property, just one, that’s near the core of our downtown in the middle of this old Bend neighborhood that is undeveloped? It works the way it is. It’s not broken.” He adds, “This particular event is not about saving it, but it does remind us that it is being used just the way it is without any development at all.” The picnic featured games and music.

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