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REDMOND, OR -- While larger cities experience anti-police rallies in the wake of several officer-involved shootings, Central Oregon law enforcement agencies have seen an outpouring of support.


Redmond Police Captain Brian McNaughton tells KBND News dozens of citizens have stopped by the police station with treats and hugs. "We’ve had cards and gifts and numerous dozens of donuts and cakes and flowers dropped off here at the Police Department; and, many notes of thanks and appreciation for what we do, and just a large show of support. It means so much to us here at the Police Department. We’re a little overwhelmed by the support we’ve received."


In the days following Thursday's shooting in Dallas, Texas that left five cops dead, Capt. McNaughton says officers have been contacted by locals numerous times while out on patrol. "They get stopped wherever they’re going, and thanked and told that they’re appreciated. I’m getting it wherever I go. If I stop at a store or a bank or something in uniform, almost every time I do, somebody’s stopping and saying something appreciative." He adds, "They just want to tell us they appreciate the job that we do and that not everybody feels like some of the people did in Dallas, and they just want to make sure that we know they support us and are there for us; and it means a lot to us."


Similar incidents have been reported by other agencies in Central Oregon and across the country. Cleck HERE to read more about how local law enforcement agencies responded to the Dallas shooting.  

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