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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- National political conventions are a chance to coalesce party unity going into the home stretch of the Presidential race. The Republicans wrapped up their convention on Thursday, and Democrats kick things off in Philadelphia on Monday.


Matthew Rock, of Redmond is already on the east coast. He says that although Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, he's still for Bernie Sanders. "I've been sort of a political enthusiast before, but up until now, I've never been a political activist; I've never been so involved. Now, I'm willing and able to be at the convention and vote on the platform changes that need to be implemented - and vote Bernie!"


He tells KBND News, "My hopes are that we are going to the convention and, as pledged delegates, the first two rounds, we're pledged to vote for the candidate that we support. As it opens in the third round, I'm really hoping that Hillary delegates and super delegates all see what we've been talking about this entire time - that she's not viable against Trump; that a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump."

Clinton is expected to name her Vice Presidential pick Friday or Saturday.

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