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Free WaterWise Irrigation Seminar Offered

BEND, OR -- Bend’s WaterWise Program offers homeowners a chance to learn more about their residential irrigation system at a free public workshop, Tuesday evening. Water Conservation Program Manager Mike Buettner says it’s an opportunity for the average resident to take an active roll in saving water and money. "We’ll cover everything from an irrigation overview to some of the common problems and easy fixes that we find homeowners are always running into. Then, we’ll spend the last part of the workshop focusing on smart irrigation controllers and some of the technological advancements that have come at the irrigation controller."


Buettner tells KBND News those common problems are typically human error, "We find a lot of tilted, or misaligned, or broken sprinklers and sprinkler nozzles. The one that causes the most financial stress, anyway, is really poor programming at the controller. A lot of times, we’ll find irrigation controller programs that are watering every single day, or two times a day - really excessive amounts." He adds, "If you look at a typical residential household, over half the water that they use over the course of a year goes outside; goes through an irrigation system. That fact alone should tell homeowners that focusing on outdoor water use is really the best way to conserve water, and it’s also the way to save a few dollars on your water bill."


Tuesday's workshop begins at 5:30 p.m. at the city’s utility department admin building on Boyd Acres Road. Registration is required. Click HERE for more information. 

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