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Crook County Leadership Certain to Change

PRINEVILLE, OR -- As election season heats up, two local opposing candidates are forced to work with each other. Current Crook County Commissioners Ken Fahlgren and Seth Crawford are both vying for the Judge position, in November. But, KBND political analyst Judy Stiegler says, they still have to manage the county’s business, in the meantime. "It’s probably – there are moments of awkwardness. I think both of them, during the primary process, indicated there were times it was uncomfortable. What I know of both of these gentlemen, and I don’t know either of them well, they are very determined, both of them are. Both of them want this job very badly, so I think it’s going to be, pretty much, no holds barred."


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After 24 years on the Commission, and the last eight as Judge, Mike McCabe is not running for re-election. And, with both Commissioners fighting for the job, Crook County leadership is certain to look different, come January. Analyst Jason Conger says the choice between Fahlgren and Crawford could come down to fundraising. "They’re both, I think, pretty well known in the community. They are different. Seth, at least overtly, appears to be more conservative than Ken. And, Ken is more of a, kind of a negotiator. I think it may come down to, maybe a little bit, money."


Fahlgren was first elected to the Crook County Commission in 2008; he forfeited his right to run for re-election, this year, when he filed for the Judge position. Stiegler says Prineville City Councilor Jason Carr and Retired Public Works Director Jerry Brummer are both viable options to fill Fahlgren’s seat. "They’re very, very different candidates. I think one of the things, Jason has established a really healthy reputation in that community for on the ground work. He’s been very, very involved since moving back over there."


Commissioner Crawford was elected in 2010 and has two years left on his current term. If voters elect Crawford Judge, he and the newly elected Position One Commissioner would appoint his replacement in Position Two.
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