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Anne Graham Challenges Redmond Mayor

REDMOND, OR -- For the first time, Redmond Mayor George Endicott will face opposition to his re-election bid. City Councilor Anne Graham tells KBND News, "I have no concerns about the direction the city’s going or the job George has done. But, I care about Redmond to the point that I would like to serve as her mayor. And I have seen that I have a personal, I call it, a ‘window of opportunity’ that I could be the mayor. Therefore, I need to start. I need to put the stake in the ground that says I’m interested in this." Graham is concerned that her age and potential health issues could prevent her from running in the future. 

She admits running for Mayor while halfway through her first term on Council provides a safety net for her. "Because, if you run and are not successful for Mayor in the middle of your term as a Councilor, you’re still a Councilor. If I waited until 2018 to run and I was unsuccessful, I would be off Council because you can’t run for both at the same time." She moved to Redmond in 2010 and served on various committees and boards prior to getting elected to Council. She says her love of the city is driving her run. 
Graham adds, "The burden of PERS on our city finances; the inequities in property tax that Measures 5 and 50 created; there’s something called ‘recreational immunity’ that’s being challenged, and will effect cities like Redmond’s ability to offer recreational resources for free. Those are three big things that all of us on Council agree that needs to be worked on. 
She sites the financial burden of PERS and property tax inequities as two of the biggest issues facing the city." 
George Endicott has served four terms as Mayor. In Redmond, the Mayor is elected to a two-year term and Councilors serve four-year terms. 

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