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Bend Climate Change Discussion Gets Heated

BEND, OR -- Things got heated last night when the Bend City Council discussed the proposed Climate Change Policy. The issue of whether the goals to lower fossil fuel use and greenhouse gases ought to be real or aspirational sparked the debate during the council’s work session.


Councilor Victor Chudowsky offered a Powerpoint presentation to support his opinion that specific projects, rather than goals that are out of our control, would offer more measurable results: "I would rather have that group of people spend the next year or two - " Councilor Barb Campbell interrupted, "Coming up with a plan." Chudowsky responded, "No, no, no. I want them to - " Campbell interrupted again, "Victor, I sincerely do not understand the words you’re saying. They have no meaning. You’re saying you want the committee to come up with a plan; you don’t want to have a plan." Chudowsky reacted with, "You’re putting words in my mouth." Campbell said, "I’m not! You’re putting words on the screen, Victor. I don’t need to put any words in your mouth. You put them on the screen."


Following several more exchanges between Chudowsky and Campbell, Mayor Jim Clinton and Councilor Sally Russell tried to intervene, "Could we have some protocol at this dais please?"


The Council is considering the proposal that would require the city operations to produce net-zero Greenhouse Gases by 2030; reduce fossil fuel use by 40% by 2030 and by 70% by 2050. A major point of difference is if, and how, to produce the same goals for the larger community. The discussion will continue at the council’s regular meeting September seventh.

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