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Bend City Councilors Approve UGB Plan

BEND, OR -- Bend City Councilors unanimously approved the Urban Growth Boundary expansion plan, Wednesday night. The proposal would grow the UGB by about 2,300 acres, distributed across nearly all sides of the city. It includes a mix of residential, employment, parks, open space, schools and civic land, according to officials.


Councilor Doug Knight said at the meeting, "It’s a product that I think we can not only be proud of, but it’s something that I think reflects the attitude and the mentality of the city. And, when I say the city, I mean the Planning Department, but also the development community and even the citizens." 
The plan is much smaller than a previous version rejected by the state in 2010. Knight said, "It’s a wonderful feeling, being at the tail end of this, knowing the quality of product that we have. And knowing that, more than likely, it stands to be accepted by the state and more importantly, accepted by those in the community it reflects." He added, "I think we stand a much higher probability of not having any people who would be against it or any objections."
Before it’s sent to the state, County Commissioners must discuss and approve the proposal. They are scheduled to begin that process Monday.

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