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BEND, OR -- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet for their next Presidential debate on Sunday in St. Louis. A grassroots effort is underway to get public input on what questions will be asked of the candidates.


Kyle Frick, with Bend-based Mid Oregon Credit Union, is advocating for one of the options available at PresidentialOpenQuestions.com, "Where they’re allowing people to vote on the questions; they’re going to consider up to 30 questions. One of the questions that’s out there: 'Is there an alternative to big banks on Wall Street?'" Frick tells KBND News, "In real terms, over the last few years, big banks have gotten bigger, credit unions have remained about the same size and market share, community banks have really been compressed. They’ve been merged, acquired, and we have data to show there are a lot less community banks out there, these days. From our perspective, that’s not an ideal situation to have the big banks controlling most of the financial affairs in the United States."
The website has logged more than 10,000 submitted questions, with more than two-million votes. Frick compares the effort to a town hall, "This is a virtual way of doing that, and getting some public input on these debates. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get around to some of these things, and answer some of the questions. And, they might be enough different that it gives you some additional insight into how the Presidential candidates are thinking."

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