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PORTLAND, OR -- The Republican candidate for Oregon Governor is apologizing for a statement he made in last Friday's debate with Gov. Kate Brown.


In a video posted on the campaign's Facebook page, Dr. Bud Pierce said Wednesday, "I stated that individuals could prevent themselves from being victims of domestic violence by achieving a good economic status. This is wrong, as domestic violence occurs in all economic groups. I apologize for this ignorant and potentially dangerous statement."


He says since the debate he has researched domestic violence and now believes there needs to be formal education to change the belief that violence is acceptable. "This teaching is best done in our families, schools, community organizations, athletic clubs, religious institutions and places of work." He also says better health care and more access to drug and alcohol diversion programs are needed. “My eyes have been opened and I’m now joining the battle against domestic violence.”


Dr. Pierce and Kate Brown debate again Thursday evening in Eugene. 

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