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BEND, OR -- Oregon voters are being asked to approve a measure in November that would forbid the sale of animal products made from endangered species. A recent investigation found 30 stores throughout the state selling items made from things like ivory and shark skin, including an antique store in Bend.


Kristin Leppert, with Save Endangered Animals Oregon, was in Bend Wednesday to campaign for Measure 100. She tells KBND News, "35,000 elephants are killed every year for the ivory trade. These poachers are killing them in the most inhumane ways imaginable - I mean, rocket launchers and machine guns? And, they're doing this to kill these animals all at once, so they can run in, grab their ivory and sell off the ivory." She adds, "Measure 100 specifically prohibits the sale of the parts and products of 12 endangered species within Oregon. So, we're talking about elephant ivory, rhino horn, tiger pelts, lions, sea turtles and many other species that we're trying to protect with this measure."


If approved, the legislation would not go into effect until next July. 

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