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BEND, OR -- Police contacted six people during the execution of a search warrant at a home in Southwest Bend, late last week, arresting four of them for various drug-related charges. 


Investigators say 32-year-old Ryan Vidal (left) had heroin and meth with other paraphernalia at the time of his arrest; and, they believe he has been delivering heroin. Vidal lives at the Merriewood Lane home with 23-year-old Autumn Admire (not pictured), who was also arrested for heroin possession and other allegations.  
Police say 25-year-old Nathaniel Alvis (right) was in possession of meth, heroin and various prescription medications. And, 26-year-old Crystal Prestridge (center) was arrested for heroin possession and violating her probation. 
Two others remain under investigation and may be charged later. 

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