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BEND, OR -- Oregon’s voters’ pamphlet hit local mailboxes in the last few days, in preparation for the November eighth election. Deschutes County Clerk Nancy Blankenship says ballots will be mailed Wednesday.


While most of the talk at her office is from people anxious to vote in this unusual election, Blankenship admits she’s heard about those so disenfranchised they’re threatening not to vote at all. "And, that’s the wrong choice," she tells KBND News, "because there are so much more on the ballot than just, say the President, or some other measure or race you have concerns about." Blankenship says, "There’s the Senate race and the Representative race. At the state level, you’ve the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Treasurer, as far as the top elected positions in the state of Oregon. You’ve got judges and you’ve got local races as well: county commissioners, city councils; you’ve got a number of state measures. And, if you’re in the city of Bend and La Pine, and a couple of road districts, you’ve got other measures to consider."
In the middle of the state-issued pamphlet is the local guide with details of city and county races.  And, Blankenship says the Deschutes County guide includes a special centennial tribute. "This election, we’ve got a young man, Andrew Rojo from La Pine Middle School; he’s in the sixth grade. His art is covering the front, and it’s in celebration of the county’s 100th birthday. Andrew did a lot of research on his drawing; he’s got things from all over the county."
Voters pamphlets are sent to every household in the state, whether registered to vote, or not. The deadline to register is Tuesday.


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