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Bend Plans Septic To Sewer Transition For Some

BEND, OR -- With construction of the Southeast Interceptor sewer project moving forward, city officials are addressing how neighborhoods previously on septic get connected to the new system. 


Bend Policy Analyst Susanna Julber says city code requires properties hook up if they’re within 300 feet of a sewer line. She tells KBND News, that will impact those in the Kings Forest neighborhood, first. "There’s about 800 homes there in that little subdivision; it’s in southeast Bend. And, they’re all on septic systems. So, with the Southeast Interceptor coming through their neighborhood, now a number of those homes will be within 300 feet of a sewer." She adds, "We’ve been thinking about this project for a number of years. In fact, we have some funds in our existing rate structure that will start being allocated to this project in July 2017."
Crews installed a sewer line in Kings Forest earlier this year, but it’s not yet connected to the main system. Julber says officials are still working through details of the transition. "For now, we’re thinking just as people’s systems fail they would hook up. The other thing is that we’re planning to sewer the entire Kings Forest area, so just beyond – all the streets within that area, so everybody in there can get on sewer." For now, the line only runs through the main through-street. 
While the city pays for general work, the cost of connecting a home to the street is typically the owner’s responsibility. 


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