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Lars Larson

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BEND, OR -- Saving Grace is closing out Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a special event Monday evening at the Liberty Theater, in downtown Bend. 


A panel of survivors and advocates will discuss the recent Count Her In report from the Women’s Foundation of Oregon. "More than half of Oregon women and girls will experience domestic or sexual violence. So, clearly, we all - whether we have experienced domestic violence ourselves or not - we certainly know someone who does," says Erin Rook, with Saving Grace. "But, the only way that we’re going to realize the extent to which it’s connected to our lives is if we talk about it." He says that number includes more than 40,000 women and girls in Deschutes County. 


Rook tells KBND News, "We’re partnering with World Muse to host a special 'Muse Salon' on the State of Violence Against Women in Oregon. So, we’ll be talking about that report, but we’ll also be hearing from survivors and advocates to kind of put a face to those numbers." 


World Muse will take photos and statements for a special #MuseOnThis awareness campaign about the impacts of sexism, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The panel discussion begins at 5:30 p.m. 




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