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Searchers Refine Efforts To Find Missing Driver

BEND, OR -- Dozens of Deschutes County Search and Rescue volunteers were back out near Cabin Butte, Monday, to search for a Texas man who has been missing for the last week. Lester Hyder’s truck was found Saturday off China Hat Road, southeast of Bend. Lt. Bryan Husband says, "The search conditions are extremely difficult for our volunteers; extremely taxing – physically taxing. And, at this point, we are hopeful that Mr. Hyder was able to move away from his vehicle and set up some type of shelter or get into some type of shelter; there are a number of caves in that area." He tells KBND News they changed search tactics after finding the truck, "We’re pinpointing those areas where Mr. Hyder could have potentially got shelter. So, we are pinpointing those areas in the area of Cabin Butte. Our Detectives unit is also searching around neighborhoods that are within a close proximity to that area, as well- contacting residents out there."


Hyder was traveling from Texas to Prineville and was supposed to follow his brother from Crescent on Tuesday, December 13. But, when Roy Hyder got to La Pine, he realized Lester wasn’t behind him. "The truck had about 12 to 15-inches of snow on top of it. So, yes we are working under the theory that he did get stuck prior to the large snowstorm that we received on Wednesday. But, we are hopeful that he was able to find some type of shelter," says Lt. Husband. "It does appear that he was confused about the area he was in, but how he ended up in that area, specifically, is totally unknown. 

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