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Central OR Gets A Break Between Storms

BEND, OR -- Central Oregon snow blowers and shovels have gotten a lot of use in the last month, and we're not done with them, yet. 


The latest storm dropped about a foot of snow over the past two days. Meteorologist Rob Kramp, with the National Weather Service, says temperatures are going to stay bitterly cold, "High pressure [is]  building in, which essentially means dry and cold, especially with all the snow on the ground. Highs over the next few days in the teens, maybe in the 20s at best; overnight lows very cold on the order of about zero to 15 below."


Flurries are dying down, but he tells KBND News another storm is on the way. "We're looking at another storm over the weekend. So, additional snow on Saturday, Saturday night; possibly warming up and changing over to rain by Sunday." That front could bring another three to six-inches of snow before warming into the 40s on Sunday.


As the snow piles up, so does the garbage in some neighborhoods. Susan Baker, with Bend Garbage and Recycling, says trucks are out, but they aren’t able to reach everyone. "The roads are pretty treacherous out there. The main roads, the drivers are able to get around but it’s a lot into the side roads that just haven’t been able to be plowed; it’s been a bit dangerous for them to try and get down there with the trucks to collect the garbage from our customers." She tells KBND News trash will eventually get picked up, "We are definitely encouraging the customer to give us a call, or Cascade Disposal, if that’s their service area, or High Country Disposal up in Redmond, and we definitely can notify them when we think we’ll be back in the area. We’re trying to be a little proactive and get a list of some of the neighborhoods we know for sure we were unable to go to, and reach out to our customers now to let them know what’s going on."
Baker says this is highly unusual. "We’ve had a pretty good service record, where I think we’ve only missed one day in the past 10 years. But, we’ve been trying to notify our customers to let them know if we weren’t able to service that area just due to access and safety concerns for the driver, once the weather does lighten up and it permits we will be back in the area to service them." She says customers can help by making sure cans are out by 6 a.m. on pickup day, and she asks everyone to clear access between the can and street. 

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