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REDMOND, OR -- A number of small businesses are suffering under the weight of all this snow. Fearless Baking in Bend closed Monday and Tuesday due to a buildup of snow and ice that has caused the roof to leak. In downtown Redmond, Proust Coffee has been closed for several days.
Proust owner Lauren Blackwelder says as the snow piled up last week, so did the problems. "Sunday came around and we could not open; there was no way anyone could get to work. Two of my employees live in Prineville and I live in Bend; the one in Redmond was snowed into her house." And, she tells KBND News customer parking has become a big issue. "When they plowed the streets, they didn’t leave us any parking. The yoga studio next door was messaging that they’d had two mirrors clipped off of cars when students were in yoga class and people weren’t coming as much because they didn’t want to risk parking. So, myself and three of my employees went out and shoveled as much snow as we could get out of the road to allow some parking; and we thought we’d kind of won it over a little bit." But, the snow keeps coming.
Blackwelder says she makes sure to keep sidewalks clear, as required by the city. "We have multiple people who knock on our door and ask if they can shovel for a couple dollars; so they’re shoveled everyday, regardless. But, the amount of snow that’s getting bermed up in front of our door from the city plowing is unmanageable. We didn’t know where to put it – we’re not strong enough to carry it very far and we don’t own a dump truck or a plow." 
Based on lost revenue, she says she’s not sure the business will recover. "I don’t know if I will make it, to tell you the truth. I don’t have any reserves. We’ve always been alright, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull through this one." She hppes to reopen Tuesday. 
Redmond Public Works says they will evaluate snow volumes Wednesday, after the latest storm, and determine whether to start trucking it out of the downtown core. In Bend, that’s already happening.


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