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BEND, OR -- Central Oregon students have enjoyed a number of snow days, this school year, and districts are looking at what that means for the calendar. Julianne Repman, with Bend-La Pine Schools, says they've already lost five days. "Just to give you a little bit of perspective, from 1989 to 2009 we had five full school closures, in total. In the last five years, we've also had five closures. So, this is definitely a very unique situation for Bend-La Pine Schools, as well as your seeing, school districts across the state of Oregon."


She says the district, so far, does not have to adjust the calendar. "This school district has one of the longer, or longest school years in the state, those school contact days. But, it's really important for us to have students in class. And, right now, we're already pushing missing a whole week of this first semester of the school year. While we don't necessarily need to make up those days, we are looking very closely at the possibility of bringing some days back in the calendar." She tells KBND News the state has a complicated forumula to calculate the required number of student instruction days which dictates whether days must be added back in. 


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