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FedEx Roof Damaged By Snow

BEND, OR --  Bend's FedEx building is in danger of collapsing under the weight of heavy snow. Employees at the shipping center noticed the roof sagging, the smell of natural gas, and heard groaning and creaking noises, just before 11 a.m., Wednesday.


Cindy Kettering, with Bend Fire, says everyone immediately evacuated and Pacific Power and Cascade Natural Gas responded. "The building is very unsafe. At this time, everyone is out of the building, the utilities are being shut off and we're making sure it's a safe situation."


She says the facility remains closed until further notice. "What'll happen now is the building owner will contact structural engineers; they will have to determine what the safest way is to secure this building and make it safe for entry, and mitigate the situation."


"Anybody that has a package with FedEx that they were going to come and pick up, they're not able to do so," Kettering tells KBND News. "We can't put anybody in the building and risk their safety. We would ask the public to not come down to Jamison and attempt to pick up a package; they would not be able to do so." Ironically, she says the first person turned away after the evacuation was a person trying to pick up a roof rake ordered online. 

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