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Oregonians Protest Immigration Policy At PDX

PORTLAND, OR -- After President Donald Trump announced a ban on visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries, hundreds of people rallied at Portland International Airport. They chanted things like, "No hate; no fear, refugees are welcome here."


One organizer says the ban goes against everything the country stands for. "You can’t ban a group of people based on their religion. You can’t ban a group of people from the United States based on how they pray." She adds,  "he point of this country, as it was founded, was for immigrants, for refugees, for people to come together who had no other place to go."


Traveler Deveninne Lander disagrees with the demonstration, saying, "We should be talking about the things that are going to make America great again, and all we’re doing is publicizing those who want to tear America down." KBND News received an email from a Damascus man who said he and his wife wanted to "be an encouragement to President Trump for keeping his promises." They took "Thank you President Trump" signs to PDX (pictured) and say they initially ran into resistance from some protesters, but some were willing to engage in a sincere conversation. Steve Spinnett says they all agreed that "loving one another was more important than our disagreements politically."


Port of Portland Police say there were no arrests during the weekend demonstration. 

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