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Immense Powder Blankets Mt. Bachelor

BEND, OR -- While many Central Oregon’s grow tired of this year’s immense amount of snow, Mt. Bachelor is reveling in the powder. It's a welcome shift after two years of meager snowfall in the region.


According to Mt. Bachelor's Stirling Cobb, the resort received 123" of snow in December, 108" in January, and 96" this month, as of February 22.  Cobb tells KBND News, "Through most of that, temps have remained cold, so the snow quality has been some of the best we’ve seen here at Mt. Bachelor in probably a few years. It just keeps smiling faces having fun out there."


Since the start of the season on October first, the mountain has seen 405" of snow; nearly double what they received through the entire 2014-15 season. Two years ago, Bachelor recorded only 213", which led to the cancelation of several big events planned on the mountain, that winter. During the 2015-16 season, they saw 411". At just halfway through this season, Cobb says, "We’re going to probably pass last season’s total – maybe this week, if the snowfall continues. And then, we always look forward to March where we’ve been known to get a decent snowfall, as well."
Cobb says there are more visitors on the mountain compared to recent years, but lines remain short, thanks to the addition of the Cloudchaser lift. "Overall, right now, we have a strong base and that always helps set up a great spring. And, with quality snowfall, we usually get into that good corn cycle and the fun goes straight through the end of May." He expects the ski season to continue through Memorial Day. 


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